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  • My name is Greg Scaccianoce and I have had both of my hips replaced by Dr. Segal. The first hip caused me severe discomfort all throughout my 40's. At 49 years old, I decided to have the surgery because my quality of life was worsening. I had trouble sleeping through the night and could not remain as active as I've been throughout my life. The surgery was successful and after only two months of recovery and rehab, I was cleared to return to all normal activities. For me, that included playing competitive softball twice a week and golf regularly. This year, at 56 years old, I decided to have the second hip replaced. Had the first surgery not gone as well as it did, I probably would have put this off for as long as possible. However, knowing how well the first surgery went and how competent and professional Dr. Segal and his staff are, I did not hesitate. As soon as the second hip became problematic, I called Dr. Segal right away. This surgery went as well as the first, maybe even better. The operation was performed on February 21st, 2024. By mid April, I was back playing golf, softball and my new hobby, pickleball. For anyone considering total hip replacement, I would not hesitate, as long as Dr. Segal is your surgeon. I would be glad to speak to anyone considering this surgery who is having hesitation. Thank you Dr. Segal for giving me back my quality of life. Greg Scaccianoce
    By - Greg Scaccianoce
    26-May-2024 04:14 PM
  • Having never had surgery before I was more than a little anxious to have my first one be a knee replacements. I had heard horror stories from others who had it done. To say that the surgery that Dr. Segal performed was a pleasant surprise is an understatement. Since I can't take opioids I was really afraid of the pain level. Tylenol and Celebrex did the trick since there really wasn't pain, just discomfort. I'm now 8 weeks out and with such a great surgical team coupled with excellent physical therapy I'm feeling better than I have in a year and feel great about getting back to an active lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Segal!
    By - Lois Howe
    08-May-2024 01:07 PM
  • Dr.Segal was GREAT!!! He answered all my questions and I would recommend home to anyone who is contemplating surgery! I was up and around after knee replacement and followed every instructions to the T! Thank you so much!!!
    By - Victoria
    06-May-2024 06:50 PM
  • Dr. Segal is wonderful. Had both hips replaced and am thrilled with the outcome. Dr. Segal is friendly, thorough and never made me feel rushed. Highly recommend him.
    By - Michele
    26-Apr-2024 08:38 PM
  • Very pleased with surgery! Dr Segal was fabulous. He explained entire process, answered all questions. Great staff in office & hospital! Thank you!!!
    By - Deborah Donohue
    23-Apr-2024 12:01 PM
  • Dr. A Segal is an excellent surgeon he performed two knee replacements on me. Dr. Segal relieved 5 yrs of pain and now I walk without any pain He also is very patient as he answered all my questions and concerns. I plan to recommend him to my family and friends in the future
    By - Gloria Prince
    02-Apr-2024 12:52 AM
  • Outstanding human being kind comp passionate and gifted surgeon. Had hip replacement and could not be happier with results
    By - Roseann guarnotta
    29-Mar-2024 01:15 PM
  • I would definitely recommend Dr Segal for knee or hip replacement surgery…he is kind, takes time to answer any and all questions and does not aggressively push for surgery. His office is also very responsive to questions and issues surrounding the surgery such as disability and handicap parking applications. I even had an issue with my medical clearance the day before my surgery and his staff couldn’t have been more helpful. It is unusual these days to find an office staff that is both efficient and willing to support patients in all their needs and questions.
    By - Laurie Kriegsman
    09-Mar-2024 01:08 PM
  • Always have a good visit with Dr. Segal. Very pleased 2 and 3 years out from my knee surgery. I am able to do things I havent done in years. I highly recommend Dr. Segal
    By - Susan Pospisil
    08-Mar-2024 09:03 PM
  • After having my hope, for relief of my degenerating hips,shattered by other Ortho specialists due to my medical history I was blessed with Dr. Segal's caring & very skilled care. He literally gave me back my life, in more ways than one. I so appreciate his time in addressing any of my concerns or questions. Conversation was easy from the first day I met him. I feel truly blessed to have Dr. Segal in my corner. His adaptability to my other surgeries & medical history are impressive and reassuring that he truly cares for my overall well-being. I'm also thankful for the kind care his surgery staff, RN, PA & NP have extended to me.
    By - mary socha
    04-Mar-2024 04:53 PM
  • Extraordinary Care!!! Total hip replacement surgery that was incredible. The care I received from Dr. Segal and his staff was incredible, professional, knowledgable, compassionate and I am pain free!
    By - Karen Mitchell
    21-Feb-2024 03:56 PM
  • Dr. Sagel is hands down the best orthopedic surgeon. I had knee replacement in 2018 and the other 2 months ago. He is patient and his office works like clockwork. (But hint-get an appointment in the morning because he’s very popular). Shout out to his NP Kathy in Great Neck and Andrea in Smithtown. From the minute you meet Dr. Sagel you’ll know why I’m one of his biggest fans!
    By - Diane O’Bryan
    12-Jan-2024 03:26 PM
  • I cannot say enough about Dr. Segal. I had a total right knee replacement on August 7, 2023. He did such an amazing job. I was back to most of my normal activities within 1 month after the surgery. He came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is compassionate and has an excellent bedside manner. His office staff is also extremely helpful.
    By - Donna
    10-Oct-2023 02:00 PM
  • Doctor Ayal Segal is an excellent Orthopedic Doctor and His staff very kind and lovely people! He did my left knee replacement and I can tell He did an awesome job ! I bend my knee without problem after my third day I walked , no problem at all !!I definitely recommend Him and you will be in good hands ! Thanks so much to Him and his staff , blessings !
    By - Sandra Lopez
    09-Aug-2023 05:39 PM
  • Dr Segal did my left total hip replacement in September 2020 & my right hip in January 2023. Both surgeries went smoothly and my recovery has been excellent. Dr. Segal, his entire office and hospital team were excellent. Dr. Segal is a superb surgeon and his personality is extremely comforting. I recommend Dr. Segal to everyone that I know that needs hip, knee or ankle surgery.
    By - Elizabeth Nachman
    14-Mar-2023 12:57 AM
  • I had a total knee replacement with Dr. Segal on 4/6/22. I could not be more pleased. From my initial appointment with the doctor, the entire staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. His assistants are so kind and patient as is Dr. Segal. I'm known for liking to chat and Dr Segal listened to all that I had to say, answering any questions that I had. The surgery went great beyond anything I could have imagined. My recovery has been surprising my in home and outpatient Physical Therapists and myself. I would definitely recommend him to everyone.
    By - Dolores Devine
    13-Jul-2022 11:52 PM
  • Dr Segal literally saved me. My 1st hip replacement was done by a surgeon who needed more practice. Sadly it was done on my hip. Shortly after my surgery, I dislocated 15 x's & the other surgeon said he could no longer help me! I was recommended to Dr Segal & met with him. He operated on my hip twice & I'm now walking & taking care of myself again with no pain & no dislocations & enjoying life. Dr Segal is the only orthopedic surgeon I will let touch me or my family. He saved my life. Not only is Dr. Segal a top A++ surgeon, he's also a person with a huge heart, he truly cares & honestly, when his patient hurts, he hurts. He is the best! I'm so thankful I found him & will never leave his care. If Dr Segal operates on you, you've found the best there is.
    By - Valerie Ferrara
    07-Jun-2022 04:28 AM
  • When I decided to look for a surgeon, I was lucky to find Dr. Ayal Segal. I waited over 10 years for this major total Knee replacement of my right leg. My surgery was done on January 31, 2022 and went perfectly and my recovery very fast. After surgery I had only Tylenol and the aspirin 81mg to be prevent it from blood clot. took me only 2 weeks to start walking without cane. I went to Physical Therapy for 10 sessions and the therapist was so surprised to see my improvement in only 2 months. I love to travel and by April first I took my first trip from New York to Cali Colombia 5 hours long flight and I was so happy, no pain, or swelling in my leg at all, after walking around the airports. Also, the incision of my surgery of 5” long its almost disappeared. Doctor Ayal Segal Thanks to you and the new technology of titanium implants make my life happier, I’m able to do what I love to do, like walk 4 miles 4 times per week, exorcise, and travel the world. I highly recommend you for anyone considering knee replacement!! ORIETTA DE LA VILLA 04/15/2022
    By - ORIETTA
    20-May-2022 05:11 PM
  • TESTIMONIAL FOR DOCTOR AYAL SEGAL When I decided to look for a surgeon, I was lucky to find Dr. Ayal Segal. I waited over 10 years for this major total Knee replacement of my right leg. My surgery was done on January 31, 2022 and went perfectly and my recovery very fast. After surgery I had only Tylenol and the aspirin 81mg to be prevent it from blood clot. took me only 2 weeks to start walking without cane. I went to Physical Therapy for 10 sessions and the therapist was so surprised to see my improvement in only 2 months. I love to travel and by April first I took my first trip from New York to Cali Colombia 5 hours long flight and I was so happy, no pain, or swelling in my leg at all, after walking around the airports. Also, the incision of my surgery of 5” long its almost disappeared. Doctor Ayal Segal Thanks to you and the new technology of titanium implants make my life happier, I’m able to do what I love to do, like walk 4 miles 4 times per week, exorcise, and travel the world. I highly recommend you for anyone considering knee replacement!! ORIETTA DE LA VILLA 04/15/2022
    By - Orietta De La Villa
    16-Apr-2022 01:52 AM
  • If you need a hip replacement Dr. Segal is a God send. Within a week I was walking without a cane or walker. 2 months out I feel like I never had surgery. He gave me back me life. Thank you so much dr. Segal.
    By - Mario Nistico
    05-Feb-2021 06:14 PM
  • I can’t thank Dr Segal enough. Both hips replaced within two years. I wouldn’t trust it to anyone else but him! Got my life back. Thank you!!!!!!
    By - bliss-ann herlihy
    02-Dec-2020 06:04 PM
  • Dr. Segal is an amazing surgeon who successfully replaced my hip which gave me uncomfortable pain for 2+ years. He came recommended by family members whom he also performed knee and hip procedures. He's very experienced, possesses a tremendous resume, and has a great team working with him for many years. Dr. Segal has a very nice demeanor and took his time answering all of my questions. I really felt he cared and never felt rushed during the entire process. I was able to walk out of the hospital (with a walker) and after 2 months I'm "back to normal"; lifting weights, playing golf, lifting boxes up and down stairs for work... all with NO PAIN!! Thank you Dr. Segal and Northwell Team!!
    By - Walter Gallocher
    27-Sep-2020 05:46 PM
  • My left knee was totally gone so I decided to look for a surgeon and I am lucky that I found Dr. A Segal. On my first visit with him I felt very comfortable and confident that I found the right Doctor to do the operation. He was very thorough explaining to me what he will do how long will take for recovery and much more details. Immediately I decided to have the knee replacement. In addition his staff are top in their field. Every visit after my surgery was a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. A. Segal and the begging of next year I am going back to him to replace my right knee. Thank you Doctor.
    By - Eraklis (Herk)
    22-Sep-2020 05:17 PM
  • I had bi lateral knee replacements on 9/11/19 & 9/16/19. My surgery went perfectly and recovery very smooth.Dr. Segal is kind and easy to talk to. Thank Dr. Segal. I highly recommend him for anyone considering knee replacement!!
    By - Margaret Gill
    16-Sep-2020 02:59 PM
  • I do not believe you can find a more compassionate Doctor than Doctor Ayal Segal. From the moment I first went to him, I knew with total confidence he was going to be able to fix my ankle and give me back quality of life I had been missing for years. His kind and attentive manner in which he treats his patient is truly amazing. Doctor Segal has now done both my ankles and I would recommend him 110 percent.
    By - michelle panetta
    15-Sep-2020 05:26 PM
  • Dr. Segal is wonderful. I had my left hip replaced by him 6 years back and most recently, my right hip. Both outcomes are pain, able to walk, bend, and basically feel like new. He's great and so is his team both at Syosset Hospital (6 years ago) and the Southside Hospital team (this time around). Great surgery, great and fast recovery.....absolutely recommend him and his procedure (anterior) to anyone!!
    By - Harlan
    08-Sep-2020 05:13 PM
  • Dr. Segal changed my life! He gave me two new knees last year, the first in January of 2019 and the second in April of 2019. Both times, the surgery went smoothly. I found that the recuperation was fast, with my pain levels manageable to non-existent and range of motion excellent. Over a year later, I feel like a different person. My new mobility allows me to easily walk, hike, climb, and bike ride. I was a regular at the gym (before COVID) and now, I often forget that I had my knees replaced. I also plan to have Dr. Segal replace my hips in the near future, as he is an orthopedic surgeon who is expertly trained in anterior hip replacements, which result in much faster recovery than the posterior procedure. I have recommended him to many friends, and they have all had great success with Dr. Segal's procedures.
    By - Carol Goldfond
    29-Jul-2020 03:41 PM
  • I have to say I was a bit nervous at first but once meeting Dr. Segal I was put at ease. He has a warm caring way about him which I liked. He answered all my questions and was confident I was going to be good as new after my left hip replacement. I was up and walking the same day and on day two I felt terrific. No pain meds for me. I couldn't want another Doctor. I would recommend Dr. Segal highly.
    By - Elizabeth Komorowski
    10-Jul-2020 06:37 PM
  • Dr Segal is the best. Decade of pain ended. My hip surgery went tremendously! Could not be happier and Dr Segal is a consummate pro. I cannot reccomend him enough!
    By - James McGrath
    17-Mar-2020 06:27 PM
  • In 2013 I heard Dr. Segal speak to a Physical Therapy group I belong to and I was impressed enough to keep my notes so 6 years later when I needed a hip replacement I interviewed two surgeons one who did anterior the procedure and one the posterior. The surgeon said to me, Richard it doesn't matter which you do because at the end of the year all patients will be at the same level of function and what is important is how experienced the surgeon is. Hmmm. However as a practicing Physical Therapist I have seen too many patients with a posterior procedure have their pain and dysfunction last for weeks long over a month. I then went to Dr. Segal and he said if I wanted a posterior procedure he would do it but he gets better results with anterior procedure. I polled my colleagues and it was 100% for anterior. I had the surgery on December 19 in the morning. In the late afternoon I walked around the bed with a help of a PT. My pain level did hit a 7/10 not good. The nurses kept giving me stronger doses of different meds until it was gone. I NEVER HAD ANY AFTER THAT - ZERO. I DID NOT TAKE ANY PAIN MEDS EXCEPT TYLENOL THAT THEY PUT IN MY IV. The next day I walked with the PT 300 feet. She was impressed enough to be given clearance to walk in the hallway without supervision. I did 1,000 2x that day and 3x the next day. In my the floor doctor came in to discuss discharge. I was already dressed in jeans and sweatshirt and I was walking without a cane. He asked me if the patient was in the bathroom. HA HA. I went home two hours later. I had home PT the next two days when they discharged me. I had out-patient PT for three visits and then I was discharged. I was driving at five or six. I went to visit a friend and walked in without a cane and she asked when I was having my surgery. HA HA. I went back to work two days a week at week 2 and full time at week three. At five weeks I skied - I do not recommend this but I was confident and cautious. I only did five runs, three green trails and two blue. I have skied a second time at week 8 and I stayed with blues no more black diamonds for me. The most amazing thing was not that I did so well but that the pain in my knee was gone now that my body was balanced. Presurgery my had a shortened leg on my affected side due to deterioration of my hip joint and once he corrected my leg length the hip, knee and back pain were gone. OK Keys to success are stay active and walk, walk, walk but listen to your body. When I saw my out-patient PT I told him I walked three miles. He told me to cut back and let the inflammation go down. I stopped all walking for four days and the inflammation/tightness was gone and I started walking again. I walked and walked my way back to health. I am currently jogging five miles without pain. I do not recommend this but I wanted you to know. BE POSITIVE. REMAIN POSITIVE. I had cancer of the throat and lungs stage IV in 2015-2016 and I climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa in 2018 so hard can a hip replacement be.
    By - Richard Cowan
    13-Mar-2020 03:13 PM
  • I had both hips replaced Feb 2019 five days apart from front Was very apprehensive but so glad that I went through w this I have zero pain today I’ve been given total clearance for exercises Can’t wait to add squats and lunges to my twice weekly leg workout 🏋️‍♂️ Do not wait if you need hip or knee or shoulder replacement The sooner you go the better And I Highly recommend Dr Segal and Syosset Hospital The staff at Syosett are gonna be lifelong friends now I spent a week there and they were top notch 💕 So don’t hesitate make an appointment and tell them Tammy sent you Best of luck ❤️

  • Excellent surgeon. Caring doctor concerned for his patients welfare and the success of their treatments. Instills complete confidence

  • Dr. Segal performed two total knee replacement and a hip replacement on my mom in 12 mos, without any issues at all. Recovery was amazing. Not only is Dr. Segal a brilliant surgeon, he is a nice man with overall compassion for his patients. His ENTIRE staff is just as wonderful which to me is just as important . I highly recommend Dr. Segal and I will continue to spread his name amongst my friends and family . I can’t say enough about what he has done for my Mother . Also, the care we received at Southside was beyond my expectations, they have a brand new joint replacement wing ! It is TOP KNOTCH

  • Dr Ayal Segal is a superb physician !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would definitely recommend this doctors office
  • Great experience
  • Very happy with my provider and his staff.
  • Great surgeon. Great PA and staff
  • My experience with Dr. Segal past & present are excellent.
  • Easy to understand & compassionate
  • Dr Segal was probably the best Doctor I have ever used he gave me complete confidence that he would be able to do my surgery and with the results I needed. He as well as his staff were extremely supportive and caring.
  • They are the best
  • I only can say that my experience have been excellent
  • Dr. Segal has given me 2 new knees & a new hip. In short, he gave my my life back. There are no words to describe his impact on my life! He's the best!
  • He was a bit cold in personality
  • Dr. was kind and had a good sense of humor.
  • Have already recommended Dr. Segal to a number of people.
  • Dr Segal is truly the best doctor I have appts with he is always kind and caring
  • Have already recommended to people
  • foot was in a bad way dr fix my problem. back on my feet now thank you
  • Besides being a very competent and understanding surgeon, Dr. Segal was caring and understanding. I would recommend him to all!!!
  • Very impressed with this experience.
  • Ayal Segal - The best doctor.
  • I'm already recommending him to my friends
  • Dr. Segal is excellent. He replaced both of my hips & I have recommended him to other people including one of my co-workers. He replaced her hips & she was very happy with him.
  • Very professional and friendly. Made me feel not to worry, I feel I was in good hands always.
  • Awesome doc!!
  • Besides the fact that Dr. Segal is an amazing surgeon, he is very kind and takes the time to answer all questions. I am so pleased with the results of the double hip replacement surgery he performed last summer. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a hip replacement!
  • Dr. Segal was patient in answering my questions and honest about the procedure we discussed.
  • Very professional and I got the feeling that he and the staff love what they are doing
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Segal to my relatives and friends.
  • Dr. Segal's concern, care, professionalism from the onset was EXCEPTIONAL. He _____ me with ease of mind for my condition. I just love him!!!!
  • Great job!
  • Dr. Segal & his PA and nursing staff very nice.
  • Completely happy with provider
  • A great doctor
  • I have already recommended Dr. Segal to friends and family.
  • I would recommend Dr. Segal to everyone in need of surgery. He's great!!
  • Dr. Segal is so friendly and thorough. I am so pleased with how my left knee replacement went I schedualed my right knee surgery for April.
  • Dr. Segal is a very nice person indeed. He took his time with me, was patient with my questions and made me feel very comfortable!!
  • Dr. Segal is a great person & a great doctor I already referred 2 friends.
  • Dr. Segal is an amazing surgeon. Extremely happy with his care.
  • I have already recommended Dr. Segal to others.
  • Dr. Segal understood my concerns explained procedure & what to expect post & pre surgery.
  • I always recommend Dr. Segal to my friends.
  • I have already recommended Dr. Segal to someone at physical therapy.
  • Nice job
  • I was amazed that not only were my fears just about erased but he made the whole procedure sound simple.
  • I had a ankle replacement 5 yr. ago he was excellent. Now a knee replacement, Dr. Segal was excellent for both.
  • Dr. Segal was wonderful. He spent a lot of time with me. He explained about the x-rays and what exercises I should be doing at home. I will recommend Dr. Segal to all my family and friends.
  • No complaints whatsoever. Very pleased and at ease.
  • Dr. Segal is an amazingly brilliant doctor. He is also caring and understanding. I have already recommended him to multiple people.
  • I am scheduled for surgery the end of this month. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Segal.
  • Doctor Segal & his staff made feel very confident they were competent in there respective positions.
  • Very satisfied with the care received
  • Dr. Segal is a very fine surgeon. Very caring. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable. He is an asset to Northwell.
  • He explained and shown me what what was happening with my knee replacement . He answered all my question in a way i understood
  • Dr Segal is incredible.
  • Great Doctor
  • For me, Dr. Segal was my savior. he operated on my hip, when other doctors wouldn't. I experienced no pain at all at any time and I would recommend him to anyone I meet due to his knowledge, his skill, and most of all, his compassion.
  • I have already recommended Dr Segal to a friend and would absolutely be honored to use his services again for a second hip issue
  • Both dr. were very friendly & through in the exam & gave explanation that were easy to understand since I was recommended by another patient. I would be very comfortable recommending care provider to other.
  • My husband is having hip replacement with Dr. Segal because he was very impressed with my results from surgery.
  • Dr. Segal did my right knee total replacement in Jan. 2016. Very pleased with the surgery results.
  • Dr. Sagel is the only physician I see that does not rush you. He is kind and caring and makes you feel that time is not of essence.
  • Would recommend
  • Have recommended at least 4 people who have had surgery with Dr Segal
  • Dr Segal seemed very knowledgeable and concerned Feel comfortable he is my surgeon
  • Although it was first visit I felt extremely confident wit Dr and great staff.
  • Dr. Segal spent time with me - I felt he was concerned about my problem. He made me feel at ease. He was kind, considerate, and thorough.

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